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Mark A. Cliett
Secretary and Treasurer

Mark A. Cliett is a licensed attorney in the state of Mississippi who has been actively engaged in the practice of law since passing the Mississippi Bar in 1995. He graduated Cum Laude from Mississippi State University in 1992 receiving a Bachelors of Business Administration degree. After completing his degree at Mississippi State University, Cliett continued his education by enrolling and subsequently graduating from the University of Mississippi School of Law in December of 1994. In law school Mr. Cliett was a member of the Public Interest Law Clinic and did an unpaid internship with the Public Defender of Clay County, Mississippi. Mr. Cliett has continued to display his interest in public service for his entire career by serving as Public Defender, Municipal Prosecutor and Municipal Judge. As Municipal Judge, Cliett created an in-house probation service that helped offenders by allowing them to make weekly payments to pay court fines, without paying any probation fees. He was a firm but fair Judge and was widely respected in the legal community. Cliett also was active in allowing offenders to enroll and complete drug court if they had a drug addiction and needed counseling and/or treatment. He stated that imposing a fine or jail time was not the best course of action if the underlying reason for the behavior was an addiction problem. In his tenure as Municipal Judge, Cliett helped many people beat their addiction and as a result, return to being productive members of society.

During his over twenty-one (21) year career, he has been a zealous advocate for his clients and has received not guilty verdicts in several serious criminal trials as well as representing clients who were victims of injuries through no fault of their own. He has also won victories for his clients who were being wrongfully oppressed by local governments and were having their constitutional rights violated.

Mr. Cliett is married to Shana Sheffield Cliett, formerly of Tupelo, Mississippi and is the father of three (3) children. He is a loving father and devoted family man. He is a lifelong member of The First Baptist Church of West Point, Mississippi.

Mr. Cliett is now serving as the Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer for the nonprofit/charitable organization Millionaires Against Bullying, Inc. He is extremely excited about serving in this role and the ability to continue to help the community through it. All of his life experiences up to this point have been to prepare him for this role and the largest undertaking of public service of his career.


BJ Gleason

My name is BJ Gleason from Greensboro, North Carolina—born and raised in this city. Everything I do, I do for my family. I love life, I love to share things with other people because sharing is caring. I am an entrepreneur by spirit. I don't like haters. I say, "love what you do, and do it well." Bad luck just happens, but good luck is created. I have been a real estate investor for the past 30 years and will continue. I love network marketing. I love building relationships because it's good for business. No relationship, no business. Be who you are and not someone else. I have a family of five: Ben is 30, Quinn is 24, America is 16,  Alex is 5, and Alexa is 3. I'm so excited to share this opportunity with so many people. Please follow me on this journey. They say life is what you make it, but I think life is what you make for others.


Edward L. Cobbler
Board of Directors

Owner, ELC Investigative Services (33 years). Private firm investigating criminal, domestic, workers comp, security surveillance of disgruntled (ex-)employees, security surveys, child custody, traffic accidents, liability, personal injury cases; background checks and undercover work; process servers, retail shopping services; executive protection service; industrial security. 1983-Present

Greensboro Police Department (15 years). Served in Youth and Criminal Divisions, Vice and Narcotics Squad, and Field Operations Division. 1968-1983. Included 10 years as investigator working narcotics, burglary, and juvenile cases.

While previously serving as off-duty police and while currently conducting private investigations, have had experience in the planning, supervising, and management of security operations at multiple businesses including retail.

Followed investigations to such locales as San Francisco, Dallas, Miami, Atlanta, New York, District of Columbia, Mexico, and several South American destinations.


Leighton Pearson
Digital Marketer & Visual Production

My name is Leighton Pearson I’m originally from Johannesburg South Africa, born and raised here. I absolutely love life to the max and I believe helping and inspiring others is a great key to happiness.

Millions Against Bullying is such a great organization that I think everyone should support and follow this great cause. So many people in our world are being bullied everyday and in so many ways as well.

I am an entrepreneur by spirit, dedication and believe in working hard and always learn more to achieve more. I follow Grant Cardone's 10X Rule as he is my ultimate mentor and motivational coach.

I dropped out of school in Grade 11 as school didn’t teach me what I wanted to learn so everything I do today is all self taught in terms of Digital Marketing, Music and Video Production and made a great success out of that and I’ve been in South African films, television shows and radio interviews

Thousands of people go to bed hungry, thousands of people are homeless and thousands of people commit suicide due to bullying. If you take a stand with us, we can give people the food they need, homes to stay in and educate the people on what bullying can cause in someones life. You don’t need a reason to help people, you should just do it because what you give you get.

If you are in need or know of anybody who needs help, please visit our website MABWOW.COM thats MABWOW.COM and submit a video telling us the situation as we have a great team that will help as we are going to change millions of lives one life at a time.

Our founder Kevin Jones always says “Reach One To Teach One” So I urge you all to reach out in others lives and give them a helping hand that will help them and change their life for a better future.

Be great, and let's change the world with MABWOW.COM - Millions Against Bullying